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William Ribeiro of ‚Dinheiro Com Você‘ points out that Bitcoin is an incredible invention that has proved its worth but, when it comes to investing, warns about the market risks

We are experiencing a unique moment in humanity. Bitcoin is fantastic‘, says William Ribeiro from ‚Money With You‘ NEWS
Youtuber and computer engineer by the National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel), William Ribeiro, owner of the channel ‚Dinheiro Com Você‘ (Money With You), pointed out in an interview with the Cointelegraph that we live in a unique moment in humanity and that Bitcoin is a fantastic invention.

Thus, according to Ribeiro, who has an MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, 2020 was the year of consolidation of Bitcoin that attracted for itself old enemies that became ‚bitcoiners‘.

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In addition, the expert points out that the economic stimuli announced by governments have helped to show the ‚power‘ of Bitcoin.

„We are experiencing a unique moment in humanity and also in the history of Bitcoin. The gigantic volumes of money applied in the economies of the countries to combat Coronavirus were not enough. Now in 2021, American President-elect Joe Biden announced an additional stimulus package of 1.9 trillion dollars. To get an idea of this level, it is equivalent to all of Brazil’s GDP in 2018,“ he said.

Thus, according to him, all this has shown that Bitcoin is a fantastic asset, with genuine and transparent scarcity and „on the other side of (crypto)currency, it is an extraordinary monetary experiment – hitherto a huge success, it is important to point out“.

„Once declared enemies of crypto, institutional investors (including banks) have increasingly flirted with Bitcoin. For example, on the day I write, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust bought nearly 200% more Bitcoins (2612 BTC) that the entire network was able to mine in 24 hours (900 BTC).

However, the expert points out that before investing in Bitcoin, it is essential that the investor has knowledge about the risks and long-term thinking.

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„As an investment strategy, it is important to relativise the timing of entry, making small and constant contributions. Betting on this cryptomeda should not translate into depending entirely on its success. As a general rule of investment, diversification saves us when we are wrong about any kind of investment.

Ribeiro also points out that Bitcoin as a reliable, public and traceable currency has already proved its value.

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„But then the investor earns money by converting his Bitcoins into a fiduciary currency like real or dollars… Then no one can predict. Even for this reason prudence is recommended when investing. On the other hand, I know people who even today are complaining, saying that they „will wait to fall to buy“, since when a Bitcoin was worth 30 thousand reais,“ he argues.

Thus, according to him, for those who believe, it is important to be in the game, but with the wisdom not to risk all the patrimony of a life in any asset.

„Those who live will see. In any case, it is not fascinating to be living this revolution, of money not issued by any central bank, but still (even more) reliable?“ he concludes.

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