Mi. Jul 24th, 2024

• TMS Network (TMSN) recently achieved a major milestone after raising $500k in its presale. It has also raised an additional $2 million in private seed sale.
• Aptos (APT) and Sui have gone public with their tensions as Pontem, a crypto wallet backed by Aptos (APT), disinvited delegates of Sui from the upcoming MoveCon conference.
• Solana (SOL) suffered its 10th network outage on February 25, triggering many questions about its capabilities and leading to a bearish market sentiment for its price.

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TMS Network Achieves Major Milestone During Presale

TMS Network (TMSN) is a trading platform that solves existing problems like centralization, slow transaction times, low return on investment, high fees and less transparency. Due to its revolutionary utility, TMS Network’s presale achieved great success; it managed to raise a whopping $500k within two weeks of launch and an additional $2 million in private seed sale.

Aptos & Sui Caught Up In Controversy

The hostility between Aptos (APT) and Sui has been brought into public view after Pontem – a crypto wallet backed by the Aptos network – invited then disinvited delegates from Sui from the upcoming MoveCon conference. Although Aptos clarified it had no role in Pontem’s decisions, this news had affected the price of APT which has increased by 1.34% but is down 20% on the monthly chart with current trading at $13.27.

Solana Experiences Yet Another Outage

Network outages have become common on the Solana network as it experienced its 10th such incident on February 25th. The reason for this outage was not revealed though it affected transactions and other activities on the network and led to questions being asked about Solana’s capabilities amongst wider crypto community resulting in bearish market sentiment for SOL which fell 4% over last week.

What This Means For Investors?

For investors looking to gain ROI through investing in innovative projects like TMS Network or considering buying tokens of either Aptos or Solana – these recent developments should be considered while making any decision related to cryptocurrency investments going forward as these could affect returns significantly depending upon when one decides to enter/exit their position in such projects/tokens respectively.


All three projects covered here are unique with each offering something different compared to others yet all three have seen their share of challenges over past few weeks due to various developments ranging from controversy between two parties involved or network outages affecting entire ecosystem respectively . Such challenges need careful consideration before taking any decision related to investments as they could impact returns significantly depending upon when one opts enter/exit respective positions in such projects/tokens respectively .

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