Fr. Sep 22nd, 2023

Golem and OpenAI in Advanced Negotiations

  • OpenAI Limited Partnership is looking into opportunities beyond conventional Datacenters.
  • Golem has proven with time its availability of massive computational resources on-demand.
  • OpenAI is set to become one of the largest buyers of GLM tokens to reserve their right to use Golem’s decentralized supercomputer infrastructure.

Background: OpenAI’s Challenge

ChatGPT, a popular artificial intelligence (AI) program developed by OpenAI Limited Partnership, is experiencing exponential growth in popularity. This puts significant pressure on the company as they’re faced with the challenge of expanding their servers rapidly to meet the demand. To do so, OpenAI had to rely on Microsoft’s Azure data centre for an expansion at peak hours—a cumbersome process that posed a great challenge to their ambitious growth targets.

Golem’s Unique Tokenomics

In search for alternatives, OpenAI turned towards Golem (GLM). Golem has established itself as a leader in providing massive computing power through its tokenomics based on offering up the world’s largest decentralized supercomputer. The blockchain network offers access to CGI rendering and scientific calculation that can be easily parallelized and divided into thousands of loosely interconnected servers worldwide. In addition, Golem has remained committed to its innovative tokenomics idea which makes it an attractive partner for OpenAI.

Testing Phase Successful?

If testing proves successful, OpenAI will use Golem’s available computing power to balance out load during peak hours at Microsoft’s Azure data centre. This could potentially revolutionize AI computation through distributed networks and represent one of largest collaborations between Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers yet seen in the cryptocurrency market.


This collaboration between OpenAI and Golem could prove extremely beneficial for both parties involved as well as for the cryptocurrency community as a whole. If successful, this could pave the way for more such partnerships in future that make use of distributed networks for efficient AI computation.

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