Fr. Sep 22nd, 2023

Hackers also want to make a profit … Part of the funds stolen from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 has just moved, while Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a new price record.

Funds stolen from Bitfinex hack went into motion

It was the WhaleAlert alert service that reported the 14 consecutive transactions that allowed these funds from the Bitfinex hack to transit :

In total, 5,045.8 bitcoins were moved to different wallets. Given the current price of a BTC, the amount transferred is approaching $ 100 million . This probably ends Bitfinex’s attempt to recover the bitcoins that had been stolen during its hack. Last August, the exchange had indeed offered $ 400 million to anyone who returned the stolen BTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) hits new all-time high

These stolen bitcoins are moving as the price of Bitcoin has just exceeded its all-time-high yesterday. It reached a price never known in its history: $ 19,799 . The loot of the hacker (s) is therefore now worth much more than when it was collected. In 2016, the sum corresponded to 72 million dollars. Today, it corresponds to… 2.3 billion dollars !

Still, if the BTC has so far not exceeded the threshold of 20,000 dollars, it is getting closer and closer. It has now cashed its correction suffered at the end of last week, and is on the rise again:

In one day, the price of BTC rose by almost 9% before moderating its ardor this morning. It is currently trading for $ 19,330 according to data from CoinGecko.

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